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Fashionista and spy girl Yuki 7, along with her team of beautiful secret agents, the Gadget Girls, will excite the world with their gorgeous outfits, amazing gadgets, and fabulous escapades! From their glamorous headquarters outside of Tokyo, this team of spies can crack any case and look stunning while they do it!

PRESS "Is it possible to completely fall for the way someone sees the world? Because I want to live in the world that Kevin Dart has created for Yuki 7 - filled with non-stop jetsetting adventures... adorable bikinis and gorgeous cothes."

"I received a copy of Kevin Dartís Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 the other day and I still canít put the book down. Iím awed by the beautiful artwork and illustrations showcased throughout its pages."
- Ward Jenkins, DRAWN

"...this is a must for all fans of the groovy & glamorous age of espionage, i.e. You!"
- Will Kane, WORLD OF KANE

"The prize flower of Dart's garden, however, is Yuki 7, a sultry Japanese superspy who makes Erin Esurance look like Velma from Scooby Doo."

"Interview with Kevin Dart"
- Jason Whiton, SPYVIBE

"Interview with Kevin Dart"
- Grace Danico, GRAIN EDIT

"The Making of A Kiss From Tokyo"
- Ian Albinson and Alex Ulloa, THE ART OF THE TITLE SEQUENCE

"The power of Seductive Espionage goes well beyond artwork alone. This is the rare art book that you will actually want to read through from cover to cover before returning time and again to flip through admiring the pictures."
- Matthew Bradford, DOUBLE O SECTION

Artist Kevin Dart dreamed up the character of Yuki 7 while In London on a business trip in 2008. Yuki and her glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle provided an outlet for Kevin's fascination with the 1960s, retro spy flicks, and powerful female characters. Working in his spare time between freelance illustration gigs, he put together Yuki's first book, "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7", along with writer Ada Cole and a host of contributions from his close circle of friends around the animaton industry. The book debuted in Summer 2009 along with Yuki's first animated trailer, "A Kiss From Tokyo". Since then, Kevin has continued to expand Yuki's universe and is planning a new series of books and other exciting products.

Kevin currently lives in Pasadena, CA with his wife and works in the local animation industry.


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