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20 July 2010
San Diego Comic-Con 2010 - Booth 5007
Hey everyone! We're going to be in San Diego this week selling lots of cool new Yuki 7 stuff at Comic-Con! You can find us at Booth 5007 selling things like this brand new "Looks That Kill" screenprint! It's 18" x 18" and features a cool sparkling metallic orange ink!

We also have a whole lineup of new Yuki 7 shirts! Check out these Femme Fatale and Gadget Girl shirts just for the ladies!

There's also a cool new "Looks That Kill" shirt in both guys' and girls' versions!

Photos by Gritbox Photography

We're also debuting the Gadget Girl Mini Print sets, which feature all of your favorite Gadget Girls!

And the super stylish "Wake Up Yuki 7!" print!

We'll also have lots of copies of "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7" and some classic Yuki 7 prints. Hope to see you in San Diego! Again, look for us at Booth 5007 (across from Stuart Ng) or check the map below!

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18 July 2010
Yuki 7 by Menno Wittebrood
Menno Wittebrood sent in this great Yuki drawing all the way from Holland! You can see more of his work at!

Thanks Menno! And please keep sending us your Yuki 7 art for the Fan Art gallery!

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08 July 2010
Yuki 7 by Mike Laughead!
Mike just sent in this adorable Yuki 7 fan art! Be sure to check out his other awesome work at!

We love Yuki fan art, so please keep sending it to us and we will add your images to the Fan Art gallery!

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07 July 2010
New Prints in the Shop!
We just added some new prints to the shop, including a really cool set of Gadget Girl mini prints!

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06 July 2010
Yuki 7 Sculpture by Damon Bard
A few months ago we commissioned this gorgeous sculpture of Yuki from the super talented Damon Bard. Damon has lent his talents to such movies as Kung Fu Panda, Coraline, and Surf's Up to name just a few. The detail of the statue in person is really stunning. Yuki has never looked better!

To see more of Damon's amazing work, please visit his website at

Photos by Elizabeth Ito

Below is the original model sheet by Kevin Dart.

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06 July 2010
Licensing Expo Re-cap
We had a great time at our very first Licensing Expo last month! The show was a big success, and we met a lot of awesome people who we will hopefully be doing business with. Here are a few shots of our booth:

Photos by Elizabeth Ito

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