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31 May 2011
"LOOKS THAT KILL" Now Available for Pre-Order!
YUKI 7 IS BACK! Please enjoy her brand new short film, "Looks That Kill" in HD!

Pre-orders for the new Yuki 7 book are finally here! We are offering two different ways for you to order:

LOOKS THAT KILL PRE-ORDER: The brand new Yuki 7 Adventure Book, written by Elizabeth Ito. Every copy comes with a DVD which includes both Yuki 7 shorts, "Looks That Kill" and "A Kiss From Tokyo", as well as several bonus features. 72 pages, Paperback with Acetate Dust Jacket. Click here to pre-order the "Looks That Kill" Book + DVD!

YUKI 7 BOOK BUNDLE: Includes "Looks That Kill" as well as the first Yuki 7 book, "Seductive Espionage"! Click here to order the Yuki 7 Book Bundle!

Both of these packages will BEGIN SHIPPING OUT JULY 16TH, right after the launch party at Q Pop! Here are some photos of the new book!

Also new in the store today are FOUR NEW YUKI 7 PRINTS! Below are two of the new prints for sale.

Please check back for more new Yuki merchandise in the coming weeks!

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23 May 2011

We have been keeping a lot of things under wraps here at Gadget Girl HQ, but all is about to be revealed! One week from now, on May 31st, we will begin taking pre-orders for the new Yuki 7 book, LOOKS THAT KILL! The 72-page book comes with a DVD and features artwork from 14 different artists, as well as an original story written by Elizabeth Ito! May 31st will also see the online worldwide premiere of our brand new short film!

The two and a half minute film was directed by Kevin Dart and Stephane Coedel, and features an amazing musical score by Cyrille Marchesseau. We won't tell you too much more for now. Come back on May 31st to watch the whole film!

For the official book launch on July 16th we have planned an awesome party and gallery show at Q Pop! Stop by to be one of the very first people to own the new Yuki 7 book, meet the artists, have some drinks and lots of fun! The highlight of the night will undoubtedly be the GADGET GIRL COSTUME CONTEST! Come dressed as a gadget girl character of your own creation and compete for a chance to win one of many amazing prizes!

The next two months are going to be very busy for Yuki, so stay tuned for lots more news!

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23 May 2011
Yuki 7 by Richard Bailey and Craig Knowles
We just added some new drawings to the Yuki 7 Fan Art Gallery! Look at this fantastic Yuki by Richard Bailey!

And here is a beautiful Yuki portrait by Craig Knowles!

Head over to the Fan Art gallery to see more, and please keep sending us your lovely Yuki 7 art!

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