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10 July 2011
Looks That Kill - Exclusive Excerpt!

We are pleased to present an exclusive excerpt from the first chapter of the new Yuki 7 book, "Looks That Kill", written by Elizabeth Ito!

He was cold by the time the first light of dawn glimmered through the clouds. In his beautifully-furnished flat in Vienna, the Professor Captain Kepler lay face down in a sea of his own blood. If the harpoon through his chest wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway, the size 7, Ferragamo footprints trailing off along the sidewalk crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s on Twilight Diva’s signature.

True to form, she strutted off the scene like a model on the catwalk, carrying exactly what she had come for: a priceless leather journal, filled with notes that the Professor had been compiling for almost his entire lifetime, and an attaché, containing one item of a trifecta upon which the fate of the world would depend.

A fate that was now, most definitely, in the wrong hands.

She quietly turned the key to her own apartment, and stepped lightly inside. It was an enormous place, only sparsely furnished. Quickly changing out of her adorable, red-velvet Louis Reard original two-piece, and still moving at a fast cadence in her ultimate original birthday suit, Twilight Diva un-cuffed from her wrist the lightweight, specially-made Louis Vuitton attaché with a 24-karat embroidered monogram. As she set it down on the bed, a small, indiscreet panel opened on the front. Twilight Diva typed in a top-secret code with her French-manicured, titanium pinky finger.

The case breathed open.

Twilight found herself holding her breath, eyes as wide as dinner plates. In front of her lay the most luxurious, and stunning pair of panties that she had ever laid eyes on. This undergarment would render its possessor the most fashionable and powerful person in the world.

Twilight reached slowly and deliberately with both hands, gently lifting the panties out of their case. She stepped into them, gasping in the heat of the moment.

They fit her like a glove.

Amazing that so much technology could fit into something so feather-light. Twilight couldn’t imagine how they would’ve been meant for anyone else besides her, but unfortunately she knew her role in the game. These panties were meant for higher tails than her own.

Twilight sealed the panties back in their designer case, and put on something better suited for the outdoors. Just like on the catwalk, she’d never, ever, missed her mark.
As much as she hated to leave the plush warmth of her apartment, there’s never a moment’s rest in the life of a modern mercenary minx. She stashed her valuable cargo, threw her bag into the passenger seat, and sped off toward the border in her pristine Ferrari 250 GTO.

Meanwhile, in a darkened room, 3000 miles away, a satellite-laser phone had been ringing loudly for the past ten minutes.


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