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> MICRO SERIES II – Hotel Kolkata

Yuki and the team are sent to Kolkata to intercept Diamond Eye in a high stakes handoff, but the entire plan falls apart when Diamond Eye ends up taking the whole hotel under siege and Yuki, Rocket, and GP are separated!

Starring Xana Tang, Piotr Michael, Julie Nathanson, and Tia Carrere
Featuring Music by Boe Weaver and CHAI


ELINOR wakes Yuki up to begin some simulation training. A short experimental film made in Unreal 5.

Starring Xana Tang and Julie Nathanson
Featuring Music by Boe Weaver


Yuki pulls her team through a mission on the brink of disaster, and begins to have mysterious visions.

Starring Xana Tang, Piotr Michael, and Julie Nathanson
Featuring Music by The Go! Team / Ian Parton, CHAI, and Boe Weaver

> Case Study: “MAKING OF YUKI 7”

How did the team at Chromosphere bring Yuki’s explosive world to life? Our 7-part in-depth case study covers everything from early story conception, to production design, to animation and final picture!
Read the Yuki 7 Case Study Here


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Thank you everyone for your incredible contributions to the #YUKI7FANART Giveaway! Even though the giveaway has ended, you can still check out the artwork on Instagram and Twitter, and add your own artwork to the collection with the #YUKI7FANART hashtag!

> Special Musical Guets: CHAI

See CHAI in the brand new Micro-Series, “Hotel Kolkata”!
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